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My husband, stepson, and I rented unit from Cobalt Streams and 10Foot Ceilings.We signed a 9 month lease ending on 5/31/11.

On May 23rd, they called me to see if we planned to renew, and I told them we did not. He informed me we had not given our written 30 day notice to move. I explained I did not realize that was necessary since lease was ending, and asked if we could pro-rate it or do anything else to avoid paying mortgage plus rent for another month. He e-mailed next day and said if I had carpets professionally cleaned by person of their choice and was able to vacate prior to the 1st they would waive the 30 day notice requirement.

I agreed to this and was grateful. The unit was cleaned THOROUGHLY and were returned keys and were out by 6/1/11. He told me he would let me know amount of deposit we could expect after maintenance had to touch up the paint in a couple of areas (I incorrectly removed 3M adhesives). Weeks went by with no word and I e-mailed Arturo again and he said he would check my file and call me back - he did not.

I e-mailed again and he called me today being very loud and condescending saying that person no longer works there and he was not authorized to make that deal with me and that is why he kept our entire deposit (but never notified us). When I told him I had this in writing as well as them declining to perform a move-in or move-out inspection, he reluctantly stated he would be willing to return $450. I told him I felt they should honor the agreement was made - minus maintenance fee for paint (I believe the lease I signed had $200 maximum) and that I would have shampooed the carpet myself for free. Arturo was very difficult to work with since we moved in to the condo and we waited weeks for a FOB and mailbox key after multiple requests.

The unit was also dirty when we moved in, then they failed to leave the door key for us on the day we were due to move and had to wait a full 24 hours. It is sooo frustrating that I had to battle this with him when I thought it was resolved. We were good tenants, and I only asked that the deal we made with the other person be honored. Arturo informed me that he owns the company and the other person no longer works there, and never worked for him.

I contacted the State Attorney General's Office who agreed we had a case, but we were so tired and frustrated with the lack of professionalism we settled for $700, which was a $325 loss for us when you consider the carpet cleaning.

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This was in Lexington.

Bardstown, Kentucky, United States #791970

I know the managers with 10 foot ceiling in Bardstown.I will say that a year or so ago the property was under different management.

The leasing agent and maintenance person - Doris and Larry - are very helpful and assist in every way possible.

It's really a good place to live and the rules are straight forward.


He lied and lied, but backed down when I fought back. They will go out of business some day because of his deceitful practices.

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I had some simular dealings when I exited my rental.No one can help and I had to chase and track down my deposit.

Very frustrating. Then I talk with Arturo and his demeanor is evasive.

I am not sure if that is what they do as a tactic to return little or no deposit but they make it hard for you to retrieve anything back.

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did not intend to hit BS button - I had poor experience as well

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Thank you!!!!! I almost rented from them in Bardstown KY, but got all kinds of contradictory info from Doris Lamb. This included mailing my deposit money order made out to a different company & address...glad I found this first!!

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